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Launched in 2006 Return of the Cafe Racers is one of the internet’s longest-running cafe racer and custom motorcycle websites. With a social media following in excess of 700,000, it is also one of the biggest, reaching a massive global audience.

About the author

My name is Geoff Baldwin. I’m the editor of Return of the Cafe Racers and that’s me on my Kawasaki W650 Cafe Racer, the bike that started it all. Back in 2005, I had heard about cafe racers but there wasn’t a lot of information online. So, I took it upon myself to start documenting the cafe racer scene and launched this website. Since then cafe racers have become one of the most popular trends in motorcycle customization.

I’m an avid motorcycle rider, builder, and blogger. Along with maintaining this website, I am also the editor of Tank Moto magazine, co-founder of Australia’s first communal motorcycle workshop and creator of motorcycle lifestyle and parts brand 100MPH.

What is a cafe racer?

Cafe Racers are a style of custom motorcycle that emerged in England in the 1950s. They were built by riders who wanted to recreate race bikes that were unavailable to the public. Riders would strip down factory bikes and make speed and handling focused modifications.

Cafe Racers were typically ridden by Rockers or “Ton-Up Boys”. They could often be seen congregating at transport cafes close to Britain’s arterial highways. The cafes were often used as a starting/finishing point for illegal street races.

Today the cafe racer style remains true and many manufacturers now produce off-the-shelf cafe racers.

If I was to sum up what Return of the Café Racers is all about…

This website is a look at the new breed of Cafe Racer motorcycles hitting the streets. It showcases the workshops, brands, and people that are shaping the future of this scene. I publish regular features on cafe racer builds, new motorcycle and riding gear reviews and stories designed to help enthusiasts complete their custom motorcycle projects.

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Affiliate Disclosure

As a publisher of motorcycle-related content, our goal is to bring you the latest and greatest in riding gear and motorcycle accessories. To do this we link to online retailers such as Revzilla, Amazon, Urban Rider, and other online retailers.

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Where are you based?

My office is located at: Madden St, Maidstone, Vic, Australia, 3012

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Since I spend most of my waking life either in front of a computer or on my motorcycle, email is the best way to contact me. Use the form below to drop me a line.